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From Michael Hoennig <>
Subject Re: Could not fully load class:
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 06:29:11 GMT
Hi Jean-Louis,

Thanks for your feedback!

> OpenEJB has a ManagedBean container built in.
> It seems to me your are using a JSF ManagedBean. OpenEJB looks for JSF
> @ManagedBean annotation.

But the annotation is only available in JSF 2.0 not in 1.2 and thus I
doubt I can still use Richfaces yet.  Does OpenEJB really require JSF 2.0
and is incompatible even with a JSF 1.2 app which would not use OpenEJB
but is deployed in the same Tomcat? ... No, I tried, it works fine with a
normal JSF 1.2 controller bean, defined in faces-config.xml

> BTW, your are using JPA 2.0 which is actually not supported.
> We have a JIRA for that.

Ok, I went back to JPA 1.2.  My app now deployes fine.  That obviously
was the problem.  For some strange reason a TypedQuery class was yet not
found, I just rewrote the code to fix that problem.  

Thanks a lot for your help!  My next step now will be to actually use
OpenEJB - so far just OpenEJB and my all deploy in the same container.


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