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From Andre Brito <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB's Context doesn't support bind, rebind and unbind?
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 11:54:05 GMT

It's not OpenEJB specific. We use the same properties to configure a JKS
public certificate in JBoss too.

> System.setProperty("", "JKS");
> System.setProperty("", "the path to the JKS
> file");
> System.setProperty("", "true");

I tried

> SystemInstance.get().setProperty("", "JKS",
> true);
> SystemInstance.get().setProperty("", "the path to
> the JKS file", true);
> SystemInstance.get().setProperty("",
> "true", true);
Thinking about what you said, I tried the "true" there because the
SystemInstance code apparently set the System.setProperties too. Didn't work

The architect says that everything should stay in one VM. I actually agree
with him, since the change that we'd have to make would be enormous (I tried
and got a lot of problems along the way... very VERY weird problems - we
have a Mail object that it's returned from a Session. The client that uses
this Session gets this Mail object null and I don't know why, since there's
no Exception). The architecture would have to change too much, so I guess
that we're not in a very nice situation in this migration.

I'm running out of ideas :-|

Thanks in advance,

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