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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB's Context doesn't support bind, rebind and unbind?
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 23:49:09 GMT

On Jun 22, 2011, at 4:54 AM, Andre Brito wrote:

> It's not OpenEJB specific. We use the same properties to configure a JKS
> public certificate in JBoss too.
>> System.setProperty("", "JKS");
>> System.setProperty("", "the path to the JKS
>> file");
>> System.setProperty("", "true");

Ok, so it isn't all system properties that give you trouble, it's these specifically.  I can't
imagine that there is any real chance of system properties in general being broken, but I
certainly can see that some might not "work".  And when I say "work" what I really mean is
that there are plenty of system properties that are only evaluated once.  If you set them
after that moment, they have no effect.  So it could simply be a matter that these properties
are not getting set soon enough.

To rule out all other possibilities, try setting these properties as plain
JVM properties.  If that works, then we know this is just a timing issue.  From there we can
probably figure out another way to set those properties if doing it on the command line is
not the way you'd like to do it.

If it doesn't work, then I probably need to get some info from you on what those properties
do specifically and how you're verifying they don't work.

The OpenEJB SystemInstance code won't help with VM-specific properties like the ones above,
just OpenEJB properties, so no need to pursue that angle any further.

> The architect says that everything should stay in one VM. I actually agree
> with him, since the change that we'd have to make would be enormous (I tried
> and got a lot of problems along the way... very VERY weird problems - we
> have a Mail object that it's returned from a Session. The client that uses
> this Session gets this Mail object null and I don't know why, since there's
> no Exception). The architecture would have to change too much, so I guess
> that we're not in a very nice situation in this migration.

I'm not sure I can give too much advice on architecture and what two VMs vs one VM might mean,
but certainly if things like injection of Mail sessions are not working we can absolutely
help get to the bottom of it.  We just need some specific details like what the configuration
looks like, the startup log output which should show the session being created, and then what
the lookup or injection code looks like.


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