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From rnieto <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Servlet Filters (or Valves) and OpenEJB
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 06:16:22 GMT
Nope, doesn't work even if I deploy it in the ROOT web-app. Even if I can
access static resources with the forwarder, I always would just seem to get

I think this is what it looks like after the tomcat server has started

Tomcat Server (the one who catches HTTP/HTTPS requests)
-Request Dumper Valve
-- Tomcat Context (/)
--- Filters
--- ROOT web-app
--- OpenEJB web-app
-- OpenEJB Web Services (/)

It seems that when I say '/' it means 2 things, one that gets processed by
the OpenEJB WebServices and the ROOT web-app within tomcat. Even though they
have the same address, they're completely two different locations; and the
only way it seems to be able to get to the OpenEJB web services is by a raw
http/https request. If you want to try anything funny, you can't access the
openejb web services as you're already too late.

David Blevins-2 wrote:
>    HTTP
>     |
>     |
>   SpnegoHttpFilter
>   SpnegoSecurityServiceFilter    (optional)
>   CustomForwardingFilter
>       |
>     RequestDispatcher.forward
>         |
>          \---> WebService URL
> Tomcat should be doing that all with the same thread and same
> request/response objects.
> -David

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