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From Andy <>
Subject Re: adding more memory to embedded activemq in tomee
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2014 09:38:26 GMT
I did point this out quite early in the thread, sorry that you missed it.

.... Also fix the transportConnector uri - everything in activemq.xml is 
ActiveMQ documentation.

...   <transportConnectors>
      <transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:61616?keepAlive=true"/>

Please understand that the 'activemq.xml' really is ActiveMQ and not 
TomEE. We 'use' it in order to provide JMS functionality. We can help 
you understand how we use it and how to get to the configuration. If you 
have requirements that go outside of the TomEE scope then I would 
suggest subscribing to the ActiveMQ lists and documentation.

Be aware that using exposes the ActiveMQ service on your public 
IP and that it is unprotected. Please use localhost until you are really 
familiar with ActiveMQ configuration.

Also, we've not asked why you're wanting to make such changes to 
ActiveMQ. Changing memory is highly unusual and would only be required 
for servers under 'really extreme' load. Have a peek at, which goes into why.


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