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From Chris Owens <>
Subject ActiveMQ Broker Startup Sequence
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 19:39:13 GMT
I have a webapp that runs correctly in tomEE+ 7.0.4, that uses logging via
logback to a JMS message topic. 

I have divided the project into submodules, one containing the entities, one
containing the core logic, one containing the web MVC code, and one
containing just the persistence.xml, logback.xml, and related resources. The
web module includes via Maven dependency the entities, core, and
persistence/logging modules.

Now when I try to start the webapp, I get a connection refused exception on
port 61616 because Logback is trying to start the JMS topic appender before
the ActiveMQ broker is running. Once the application is fully running, I can
verify that the ActiveMQ broker is running by telnet to port 61616. 

So what can I do to ensure that the activeMQ broker is running before
Logback tries to start a JMSTopicAppender? And why did this work before but
no longer now that the project is divided into sub modules?


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