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Subject TomEE Stable and OpenJDK
Date Fri, 04 May 2018 12:56:15 GMT
Hello everyone,


we are currently using TomEE 1.7.4 and started to discuss an upgrade to the latest version.


Questions (spawned by the TomEE Wikipedia article) arose as to which one is currently the
stable (production) release of TomEE: Is it 1.7.5 (as Wikipedia suggests) or the 7.0.4 (as suggest) or even 7.0.5 which we have found on a JIRA release notes page?


Another important question we were discussing: Can TomEE run on the OpenJDK JVM without issues
or is it necessary to run it on an Oracle JVM? I have read that they are essentially the same,
which doesn’t necessarily mean the JDK/JREs are interchangeable, or are they?


Thanks in advance for your answers!


All the best,

Fabian Richter

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