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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: TomeEE 8.0.5 and microprofile JWT RBAC 1.1
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2021 21:35:42 GMT
> On Jan 13, 2021, at 5:31 AM, COURTAULT Francois <>
> Hello David,
> Just my point of view that I want to share with you.
> Of course not everyone is using ┬ÁServices architecture but there is some traction on
> For example, we have migrated 2 of our solutions from monolith to ┬ÁServices architecture
and we are using for the moment TomEE 8.0.5.
> So , for our organization, MP specifications are quite important. The consequence is
that we are waiting for a close following of the specifications as they evolved. David, as
you said, TomEE 8.0.5 is in between 2.1/2.2 MP specifications. But it's too old ! :-(
> The version 4.0.1 has just been released, between 2.2 and 4.0.1, 5 MP specifications
releases have been published.
> I am afraid that if you don't put some priority on MP, most of the people, wanting to
build a Java ┬ÁService architecture, will use Quarkus or Helidon for such thing instead of
using TomEE !    For example, following MP specifications as much as possible, is more important
than having a full compliancy with Jakarta EE 8 or 9. Ask the question to the community and
let's see the answers ? 
> Again I just want to share my feelings about the TomEE roadmap.

I understand and share you frustration.  I'll add that once a project like this one is so
far behind, it actually makes it harder to recover as fewer people come here and that leads
to even fewer resources.  Your disadvantages pile up and compound on each other and it can
make things feel quite hopeless.  It takes a lot of determination to keep going against such
terrible odds.  It also takes a dalai lama level of zen to not direct that frustration at
those who offer suggestions on how you can do better with what little you have and go silent
when the topic comes up on how they can do better and contribute the little they have.

I appreciate you mean well and truly do want the project to be stronger.

TomEE was built by people in their spare time (including me) and we seemed to hover around
1.5 FTEs in aggregate across a small handful of people.  We're still at that level of resources.
 We could have a large community discussion on how those people spend their time, but I don't
think more opinions will help them and will likely discourage them.

Rather thank asking the community what they want most, I'd be more interested in knowing how
we can help them contribute what they want.

If you have any suggestions I'm very willing to hear them.


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