I'm trying to get traffic server up and running for some testing.  I have a few questions:

1. Is traffic_manager supposed to work?  There doesn't appear to be any real way to know which script should start the whole collection of programs.  Maybe I'm just missing it.

2. Is the web management interface supposed to be working?  It segfaults after I try to authenticate.  The management pages weren't installed properly out of the html2 directory to the installation prefix.

3. What is the format of proxy.config.admin.admin_password, i.e. how can I create a new value?

4. What are the proper debug flags for traffic_manager to basically print everything.

5. Where is the cli socket being created for traffic_line?  How can I test that this is working? Is -r supposed to print all values?

6. What's a good way to test the cache rather then running some requests through it?  Does traffic server print anything to the logs saying its ready to serve requests like apache does?