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From "Chilappagari, Sairam" <>
Subject Re: ATS is not abiding the cache-control's max-age in response header.
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 19:49:44 GMT

"Let me ask Mnot, but I'd say they are wrong :). From the RFC2616 (sec 4.2)…"

Thanks for checking Leif. I really appreciate it. For now, I may have to stick with Last-modified
for cache expiration policy I suppose.

"2. Any time you specify either Cache-Control: or Expires: directly from the origin, it's
safer to set this config to 2…"

Thanks for the clarification. I keep your suggestion in mind.

"If I may suggest, you should upgrade to v2.1.8, it's vastly superior to v2.0.1, and is very
close to what will be the v3.0 release."

I personally wouldn't mind this. Only problem is OPs team might not be comfortable deploying
the "unstable" version into the production environment. Does anyone has any insight into when
the next stable version (v3.0) is scheduled to release?


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