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From Reindl Harald <>
Subject caching of javascript/css
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 19:12:33 GMT

i am new at apache trafficserver and very impressed how easy it was to
get  version 3.2 working with some dnsmasq/scripting-tricks to generate
a config for any vhost from any backendserver leaving the control
to DNS if it will be served via reverse-proxy or directly

we are limiting age to 60 seconds controlled by mod_exipres/mod_headers
on backend httpd to make sure that changed contents refreshed to users
while within the 60 secods images are served much faster as with httpd
and reduce the needed httpd-prefrok processes

only one thing hurts me:

CONFIG proxy.config.http.cache.cache_responses_to_cookies INT 3
3 - cache for all but text content-types

this is virtually perfect to get dynamic php pages not cached
but it will also disable caching of js/css and these days there
are often a lot of these types included in a website and at high
load saying from 1000 users loading 10 javascripts it is not

is there any way to force trafficserver caching text/css and
text/javascript even if the client sends cookies to it what
happens all the time if there exists a php-session for the

thank you for any hint and this great software!

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