First of all, I would like to thank all people behind the ATS, I just enjoy each time I work with it. Thanks you very much guys.

Now to the question.
I would like to raise the subj once again. I saw discussions in this mailing list and read /. article.

The motivation for this is a security requirements. We need to perform URL filtering on all HTTP(S) traffic. I'm aware of an ethic aspect of such approach, but unfortunately "bad people" are using HTTPS connections more and more for transferring stolen information and downloading malware to the infected machines. In addition blocking certain sites (like gambling) in the office is also an acceptable policy. So now SSL interception on proxy server is a requirement defined by IT managers of many organizations.

The mechanism for this is described here(http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/trafficserver-dev/201206.mbox/%3CE0E627D3EA79C24397D2A4543361AB19049B9C35@CEXNT.commtouch.com%3E). In squid language, I think, it's called "ssl bumping", I found the following article http://blog.davidvassallo.me/2011/03/22/squid-transparent-ssl-interception/ on how to configure squid transparently to intercept SSL.

So my question is: is such kind of setup is possible using ATS or maybe this functionality may be implemented in plugin?

Thank you in advance.