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From "Owens, Steve" <>
Subject Re: Questions about tsxs
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 20:19:14 GMT
Digging into this further I can see that when I invoke:
tsxs -o -C -I /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin

Tsxs writes the following on the last line of output:
Compile failed: g++ -I/usr/local/include -g -pipe -Wall -Werror -O3 -feliminate-unused-debug-symbols
-fno-strict-aliasing -Wno-invalid-offsetof -fpic -c -o JsonPTransformationHandler.lo

Yet when I do
tsxs -h

It outputs:
/usr/local/bin/tsxs : a tool to compile, link and install trafficserver plugins.

-c [ file1.c [ file2.c [ ... ] ] ]      ## compiles C files
-C [ [ file2.C [ ... ] ] ]     ## compiles C++ files
-o                        ## the name of the module
-I include                              ## add -Iinclude to the compile
-l lib                                  ## add -llib to the link

-o                        ## the name of the module
-i                                      ## install the object

So I am pretty sure there is a bug here since the –I /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin didn't make
it to the g++ command.

From: "Owens, Steve" <<>>
Reply-To: "<>" <<>>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 12:09:56 -0800
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Questions about tsxs

I am experiencing some confusing behaviors trying to use tsxs and the documentation on this
tool does not seem to be very complete.

Here is what I am trying to do in a nutshell.

I have plugin file that I want to build and I want to be able to include files from a different
directory into the header file such that:

When I put in my JsonPTransformationHandler.h file

#include <events/BaseEventHandler.h>

#include <TransactionData.h>

And I put this in my file:

#include "JsonPTransformationHandler.h"

#include <ApiMgmtUtil.h>

I have tried executing the build tool with the following command lines to no avail:

tsxs -o -C -I/home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin
tsxs -o -C -I/home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/
tsxs -o -C -I /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin
tsxs -o -C -I /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/

Yet in each and every case when the tool runs it renders the following error messages:
JsonPTransformationHandler.h:13:37: error: events/BaseEventHandler.h: No such file or directory
JsonPTransformationHandler.h:14:29: error: TransactionData.h: No such file or directory error: ApiMgmtUtil.h: No such file or directory

Yet the following ls commands hold:
[sowens@d4mftapp11 JsonPTransformationHandlerPlugin]$ ls -l /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/TransactionData.h
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sowens sowens 7736 Jan 18 11:22 /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/TransactionData.h
[sowens@d4mftapp11 JsonPTransformationHandlerPlugin]$ ls -l /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/ApiMgmtUtil.h
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sowens sowens 20232 Jan 18 11:22 /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/ApiMgmtUtil.h
[sowens@d4mftapp11 JsonPTransformationHandlerPlugin]$ ls -l /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/events/BaseEventHandler.h
-rw-rw-r-- 1 sowens sowens 1970 Jan 18 11:22 /home/sowens/ApiMgmtPlugin/events/BaseEventHandler.h

So the files are there but tsxs cannot fine them.  Furthermore other than the limited help
provided by the –h option on tsxs there is no examples in the ATS web documentation that
talks about includes.  Does tsxs support include directories?

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