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From deepak srinivasan <>
Subject Re: Issue with VConn close
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 13:11:14 GMT
Hi Alan,

Thanks for the reply.

I guess by chunk you mean a request to origin server.
I dont get it why I will get two VConn close events due to chunks not
consistent in size. I think they will only impact performace of read/write.

Code Logic:-
I have created a thread function for read/write/remove from cache.(i.e
total 3 threads)
I have presented one of the function
threadcacheWrite(CacheHandler.cpp).This function runs in infinite loop.
In each loop I check if there is a data in queue, I pop the data. I then
create a cont and set the data retrieved from queue.
Then I make a call to TSCacheWrite.

getting called correctly as expected.
But for event TS_EVENT_IMMEDIATE generated by VConn Close goes to
null_transform instead of calling cacheHandler.
Also the cont data which i observe is of null_transform.

For populating the data for reading and writing, I perform the following
I get the queue(stl queue) using function getWriteCacheQueue. I then push
the cache data object using push function call(Line 30 in NullTransform)
After the object is pushed in the queue, I wait for the signal using
pthread_cond_wait. To wake the main thread, I send the signal from the
which I send from cacheHandler.

Similary are the calls for threadcacheRead and threadcacheRemove.

I didn't understand your comment regarding the chaining of events. How can
I handle those in my code.

It will be great if you help in fixing this issue.


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