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From "Owens, Steve" <>
Subject Re: API Question
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 16:27:00 GMT

Thank you.  The reason for my question is explained in my response to
Shaun's explanation on this group.  But the summary is I wanted to know if
I was mis using the method.


On 3/14/13 8:11 PM, "James Peach" <> wrote:

>On 14/03/2013, at 5:13 PM, "Owens, Steve" <> wrote:
>> In looking at the following documentation:
>> It would seem that the only mention of TSVConnWrite is to a single
>>parameter method.
>> Yet in my plugin I am using
>> data->output_vio = TSVConnWrite(output_conn, contp, data->output_reader,
>>                                 INT64_MAX);
>> What has changed about this method?
>> What does it actually do?
>It schedules data to be written to the VConnection.
>> Do I need to call it every time the plugin is re-enabled?  Or can I
>>just call it once?
>I don't know that I really understand the question, but if the length is
>INT64_MAX you would only call it once. If you want you can call it a
>multiple times with shorter lengths.

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