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From Scott Beardsley <>
Subject Escalate and
Date Tue, 06 May 2014 15:18:33 GMT
Hey all, we are trying patch escalate[1][2] to intercept a response based on some criteria
(like configuration and response status) and modify the contents of the response body without
dropping the connection to the origin. So far TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet() looks good but since
it appears to require the TS_EVENT_HTTP_ERROR state it won't work. According to the following
comments, and our real-world observations, it drops the transaction (and the connection to
the origin):

Comments from ts.h:

        - TS_EVENT_HTTP_ERROR which terminates the transaction

          and sends an error to the client if no response has already
          been sent.

Any guidance on what API to use which will allow modifying the response body without terminating
the connection to the origin? Can we only do this with a transform plugin? TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet
appears to do exactly what we want but it drops the connection to the origin. Maybe there
is room for a similar api call to do the same but keep the connection to the origin live?
Or maybe a new "soft-fail" state for errors which are not catastrophic and do not require
a new connection be established?

We tried using TS_EVENT_HTTP_CONTINUE but then the call to TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet produces
an INKAPI error.


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