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From "Velusamy, Gandhimathi" <gvelu...@Central.UH.EDU>
Subject Re: How to load balance across hierarchical Proxies
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2017 23:39:09 GMT
Hi Igor Cicimov,

     Thanks for your response.
I installed Dnsmasq on the nodes in which traffic server is running and now everything works
fine. I did changes in records.config to make the traffic server works as transparent proxy
and  set proxy.config.http.insert_request_via_str to 0 to avoid multi hop cycle error.


On Nov 14, 2017, at 5:20 PM, Igor Cicimov <<>>


I guess that very much depends on your DNS setup. For example if your ATS domain name is same
as the domain name hosted by the origin servers then when ATS tries DNS resolution it will
get it's own IP. I'm sure this does not sound very clear so recommend looking at the splitdns.config
file and it's documentation for details.

On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 3:02 AM, Velusamy, Gandhimathi <<>>
I noticed that there is problem with DNS resolution.
When I send http request  directly from the node on which the traffic server is installed
 to the origin server, I am able to receive response from the server. That seems the DNS is
working. But When I use Traffic server, It is giving 502 server not found error. When I debugged
with “dns” option, it is returns response code 3.
Does Traffic server need any special DNS mapping.

I first tried with only one level of proxying but unable to do when I use hostnames in the
remap config.
It resolves the hostname for traffic server node but the dns resolving does not happens for
origin servers. WhenI use IP addresses for origin servers, the loadbalancer is working. But
I need hostnames to be used for origin servers in the remap.config when I go hierarchical

Any pointers on where to look to solve this issue will be appreciated.


gvelus01@clb:/usr/local$ sudo bin/traffic_server -T "dns"
traffic_server: using root directory '/usr/local'
[Nov 14 10:30:56.876] Server {0x7f41b7666780} DEBUG: <<>:1604
(ink_dns_init)> (dns) ink_dns_init: called with init_called = 0
[Nov 14 10:30:56.879] Server {0x7f41b7666780} DEBUG: <<>:247
(dns_init)> (dns) localhost=clb
[Nov 14 10:30:56.879] Server {0x7f41b7666780} DEBUG: <<>:248
(dns_init)> (dns) Round-robin nameservers = 1
[Nov 14 10:30:56.888] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:482
(startEvent)> (dns) DNSHandler::startEvent: on thread 0
[Nov 14 10:30:56.888] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:427
(open_con)> (dns) open_con: opening connection<>
[Nov 14 10:30:56.888] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:143
(connect)> (dns) random port =<>
[Nov 14 10:30:56.888] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:455
(open_con)> (dns) opening connection<> SUCCEEDED
for 0
[Nov 14 10:30:56.888] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:504
(startEvent)> (dns_pas) opened connection to<>,
n_con = 1
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1091
(getby)> (dns) received query cs2 type = 1, timeout = 0
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1057
(mainEvent)> (dns) enqueing query cs2
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1063
(mainEvent)> (dns) adding first to collapsing queue
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:978
(write_dns_event)> (dns) send query (qtype=1) for cs2 to fd 21
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1010
(write_dns_event)> (dns) sent qname = cs2, id = 22417, nameserver = 0
[Nov 14 10:31:11.913] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <P_DNSProcessor.h:239 (sent_one)>
(dns) sent_one: failover_number for resolver 0 is 1
[Nov 14 10:31:11.914] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:759
(recv_dns)> (dns) received packet size = 21
[Nov 14 10:31:11.914] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:761
(recv_dns)> (dns) round-robin: nameserver 0 DNS response code = 0
[Nov 14 10:31:11.914] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1306
(dns_process)> (dns) received rcode = 3
[Nov 14 10:31:11.914] Server {0x7f41b3c7d700} DEBUG: <<>:1328
(dns_process)> (dns) DNS error 3 for [cs2]

On Nov 13, 2017, at 6:16 PM, Velusamy, Gandhimathi <gvelusam@Central.UH.EDU<>>


I am trying to distribute the load balancing between servers connected with three proxies.

In my setup, I have three proxy servers and each of them have two origin servers and one client.
I would like to balance the load across servers connected with other proxies when the rate
of incoming requests are more.
To begin, I started with round robin policy.
First I tried to add the proxy2 and proxy 2 as one of the origin servers in remap config as

map http://UHLB<http://uhlb/> http://UHLB<http://uhlb/> @pparam=--policy=roundrobin
@pparam= @pparam= @pparam= @pparam=
The last two IP addresses are proxy 2 and proxy3.
But It did not work.
I read about parent proxying. But in my case, I want to load balance. May I please know to
configure to achieve load balancing across hierarchical proxies.



Igor Cicimov | DevOps


p. +61 (0) 433 078 728
a. Level 4, 65 York Street, Sydney 2000

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