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Hey Vasanth-

Some more detail (going from memory so I might miss a detail here or there)
  1) In Traffic Ops go to Delivery Service page and click the button to create a new DS. 
  2) Fill in the fields based on your settings and use cases. Most people want an HTTP delivery service for caching VOD content. 
  3) Fill in Origin Server Base URL and some of the other fields
  4) For the Regex, enter something like “.*\.vod\..*” (without the quotes). This will give you client URL of “http://tr.vod.<cdn_domain_name>/<content path>”
  5) Set Active=Yes
  6) Click Save, and then click Assign servers button
  7) In the dialog that pops up, choose which servers should provide the DS. For first time setup, check all the boxes and click save. 


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Thanks Eric and  your Response for that and but I installed Successfully traffic_ops and Traffic Monitor and Adding Divisions,Regions,Physical Locations ,Cache Groups and then How create Delivery Services and Assign Caches ……
Thanks & Regards 
Vasanth M 
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Hi Vasanth-

  Once you have Traffic Ops installed and running, the next steps in summary are:

0) Download profiles from the TC website and import into Traffic Ops (
1) Create Divisions, Regions, Physical Locations ( 
2) Create Cache Groups
3) Create Servers (TC requires at least 1 mid, 1 edge, 1 Traffic Monitor, and 1 Traffic Router)
4) Create Delivery Services and assign to caches
5) Initialize Traffic Monitor and then Traffic Router
6) Run in badass mode on the caches 
7) Snapshot CRConfig

Please be sure to check the TC docs for detail on completing each of these steps:

Also you can check in on Slack ( or continue on this email thread with any specific questions and we will help you work through them


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Any one Explain which one add first in My Console of Traffic ops then how communicate this & which one is important field in Ops dashboard….And How configure Mid & Edge server in Traffic Ops & All other Components
Thanks & Regards
Vasanth M
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