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From Sudheer Vinukonda <>
Subject proxy.config.body_factory.response_suppression_mode config change
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2020 17:49:53 GMT
We've a lot of use cases, that trigger internal requests via TSFetchUrl. We've body_factory
enabled (0) for our response error templates which is nice, but we'd like to suppress the
error template responses for internal requests (note that body factory code is quite a bit
of an overhead due to mallocs/locks etc in request path -- we need to improve that, but that's
a bit outside the scope of this email).Looking at the configs, we have proxy.config.body_factory.response_suppression_mode
which can take the below values today. It looks like 2 (`2`` = suppress response pages only
for intercepted traffic) is not used at all looking through the code. Discussed with Bryan
over slack and we think it's reasonable to repurpose `2` as `2`` = suppress response pages
only for internal traffic.Let me know if there are any concerns.
.. ts:cv:: CONFIG proxy.config.body_factory.response_suppression_mode INT 0
   Specifies when Traffic Server suppresses generated response pages:
   -  ``0`` = never suppress generated response pages
   -  ``1`` = always suppress generated response pages
   -  ``2`` = suppress response pages only for intercepted traffic
-- Sudheer

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