Hi Andy,
Yeah, I found that as well in the docs, however what I was looking for was how to enable welf.log (which I found as well)

Dnia 4 maja 2020 14:39 Alan Carroll <solidwallofcode@verizonmedia.com> napisaƂ(a):

Sorry for the delay.

Your config line needs to be "CONFIG proxy.config.log.logfile_dir STRING /var/log/trafficserver"

Also, the logging configuration file format changed between 7 and 8, make sure you've updated that appropriately (the different formats are noted in the documentation).

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 10:17 AM Kamil <horizn@wp.pl> wrote:
I found that in version 8.0.5 traffic.out log file is not generated by default unlikely to version 7.x. I have added following line: TM_DAEMON_ARGS="--bind_stderr /var/log/trafficserver/traffic.out" to /etc/default/trafficserver. However now file is being created but it remains empty. I have also found this:

[Apr 29 15:08:35.141] {0x7f65b6963e00} WARNING: Could not parse line at '/etc/trafficserver/records.config:76' -- skipping line: 'CONFIG proxy.config.log.logfile_dir /var/log/trafficserver'

How can I make traffic.out log working? There is not too much about that in the docs.