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From Zach Hoffman <>
Subject Re: trafficserver in EPEL?
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2020 22:04:50 GMT
GitHub issue for EPEL missing the trafficserver package is

The Fedora Engineering Steering Committee voted to retire it from EPEL (and Fedora Collection)
after unsuccessful attempts to contact the package's maintainer, and because the package could
no longer be built from source (details in ).

If anyone has interest in getting trafficserver back in EPEL, you can 
• Follow the steps at
to become a Fedora Package Collection Maintainer
• Open an issue at to adopt


On 2020/02/12 11:36:47, Sean Roberts <> wrote: 
> The docs state that trafficserver is available in EPEL for CentOS/RHEL,
> however it is not there:
> Is it planned to bring back to EPEL? If not, the docs should be updated.

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