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From Atri Sharma <>
Subject Re: Graduation -- Gaps To Get There
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2017 17:18:48 GMT
Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your response.

My response inline:

>> Few of my comments:
>> 1) Growth of the community. I see that Trafodion has added few
>> committers and PPMC members (which is great). However, I would like to
>> understand the number of active contributors who are currently
>> contributing rather than a specific set of people who are committers
>> and make up the major portion of contributions to the project.
> You can research the various public mailing lists of the project in:

 AS> Cool, looks good to me.
>> 2) Releases -- Trafodion's last release has had quite some distance
>> from the release previous to it. Is there any specific reason for
>> that?
> This is a volunteer driven open source project, and the project can not
> dictate where and where contributions will happen. Given that premise, no
> schedule is available. Nor has anyone - as far as I can tell - ever
> requested such a fulfilment as a piece of work of the project.

 AS> I understand that. However, a continous release cycle points
towards a continous onslaught of tangible improvements to the project
as well as an ongoing interest in the project. That is a good
indicator that the project has been able to establish a foundation of
a stable community which can drive the project forard.

>> 3) Homogeneous community -- Since Trafodion has a major investment
>> from a specific company, do we have PPMC members and committers mostly
>> from that company, or do we have heterogeneous community?
>> Yes. See
> The diversity aspect is currently also part of the earlier mentioned
> discussion taking place in the private ML of the project.
 AS> That is one thing that we should definitely look into since it
will definitely come up in the TLP discussion on Incubator PMC.

>> 4) Mailing lists -- I have been on the emailing list for less than 48
>> hours, so please forgive my short sighted opinion, but I do not see
>> much dev activity happening on the list. Is that a regular practise or
>> something that we need to fix?
> We (I) do (forgive you. :)
> At the moment, we (the PPMC) don't see anything happening on our public
> mailing lists that needs fixing. Of course, we all can have personal
> viewpoints about what needs to be happening there as well as about how
> frequents postings happen (and some may even argue by whom), but like I
> said earlier the project can not dictate contributions. Each of our
> contributors chips in when and where possible.

AS> If this is not a concern, I am fine with that. Apologies for the
nitpicking :)

If no other concerns are raised, I do not see any outstanding reason
as to why we cannot proceed with a TLP resolution. I suggest that we
start a podling Namesearch and get the trademark issues out of the way
(if any, I could not figure that out from the Podling page) and draft
a TLP resolution.





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