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From "Ma, Sheng-Chen (Aven)" <>
Subject 答复: Re:答复: how to use trafodion shell
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2017 09:50:01 GMT
hi Gong:
you can add -j yes to use Jline

发件人: 宫鹏举 [] 
发送时间: 2017年10月26日 17:49
收件人: dev <>
主题: Re:答复: how to use trafodion shell

Hi Aven,

It seems there can't use up and down keys to get history, so how can I get history query?

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From:  "Ma, Sheng-Chen (Aven)"<>;
Date:  Thu, Oct 26, 2017 03:52 PM
To:  ""<>; 

Subject:  答复: how to use trafodion shell

Hi Gong:

you can run $TRAF_HOME/trafci/bin/ , and give ip:port, user, password Or you can
use trafci to run shell directly, certainly you should do souce first.
see $TRAF_HOME/trafci/bin/ -help for detail


发件人: 宫鹏举 []
发送时间: 2017年10月26日 15:50
收件人: dev <>
主题: how to use trafodion shell


Since mysql has it's shell to run query, how to run query in trafodion shell.

Best Regards!

Gong Pengju
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