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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject It's time for the board report for May
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 19:06:11 GMT
Here's a draft; I've probably left out something important - so please
chime in with additions/corrections :-)

Attachment --: Status report for the Apache UIMA Project

Apache UIMA's mission: the creation and maintenance of open-source
software related to the analysis of unstructured data, guided by the
UIMA Oasis Standard.

Moving to TLP
In the last month, we completed our move to a TLP, and are almost finished
with the updates needed for making use of a major redesign of how we use
to do our builds and releases that uses the standard Apache Maven Parent
and the Apache Nexus repository installation. 

The website was updated to remove "incubator" things, including some

none yet (as a TLP), we hope to do one in the next month or 2.

2010-1-26 2.3.0 (Incubator - last release) release of Java SDK, Annotator
                add-on package, UIMA-AS (Async scaleout), and UIMA-CPP
                (C++ enablement)

Lots of work in devising a new way to use Maven that is much more aligned
with the conventional way of doing things. 

We still have a significant number of issues remain in Jira, postponed
from the
last release.  More progress should get made on these after our Maven
work is finished.

Some issues regarding large scale use of UIMA-AS were reported and fixed. 

Sally Khudairi included a bit about Apache UIMA in her PR blog, etc.
this past month (Thanks!).

No changes

No Board level issues at this time

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