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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: merge of uimaj/branches/mavenAlign back into trunk complete
Date Fri, 14 May 2010 21:33:11 GMT
The problem with earlier attempts - I am doing the merge from Eclipse. 
I didn't realize that I needed to checkout a trunk - workspace and do
the merge from there (to merge back into trunk)...

Merge status:

First of all, I did a snapshot deploy of the uima/build/trunk projects -
so all can have access to this without needing to build these tools.

uimaj - has now been merged successfully.  The following worked for me:

cd aggregate-uimaj, mvn clean install
cd uimaj-distr, mvn clean install
cd uimaj-eclipse-update-site, mvn clean install

uima-as - merged.  There's more work to do: The javadoc gen is
generating lots of warnings, the word "incubator" is lying around in
many places (also in the uimaj - this needs cleanup), and some of the
eclipse plugin projects were overlooked and still need converting to the
new build system, and the eclipse-update-site build mechanism needs to
be figured out for uima-as addons.

sandbox - not yet finished...  will work on this over the weekend if I
get a chance.


On 5/14/2010 11:53 AM, Marshall Schor wrote:
> I think I see what I did wrong.  Trying again...
> On 5/14/2010 11:46 AM, Marshall Schor wrote:
>> hmmm, not sure merge worked... checking...  -M
>> On 5/14/2010 9:40 AM, Marshall Schor wrote:
>>> starting on uima-as, then sandbox -M

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