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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: board report due
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 20:32:20 GMT
 Here's the current draft, for anyone's comments and updates:
Status report for the Apache UIMA Project

Apache UIMA's mission: the creation and maintenance of open-source
software related to the analysis of unstructured data, guided by the
UIMA Oasis Standard.


Maven Build tooling artifacts (e.g., parent POMs, maven helper plugins
and resources) that we will be using for our actual releases have
been released.  This was our first use of the Apache Nexus repository
and staging mechanism.  We expect a release of UIMA itself, shortly,
using this new tooling.

2010-1-26 2.3.0 (Incubator - last release) release of Java SDK, Annotator
                add-on package, UIMA-AS (Async scaleout), and UIMA-CPP
                (C++ enablement)


Some users complained about the difficulty in getting through the
one-time-setups needed to build.  Some of this is because we're a bit on
the bleeding edge for maven build tooling; some of the difficulties are
going away as bugs are fixed in the underlying build tooling.

A small annoyance in how UIMA's "ResultSpecification" worked led to
a careful examination of a multitude of "corner cases", and eventually,
to a complete redo of this part of the code.

Jira issues continue to come in and get worked on at a moderate rate,
including several in the UIMA-AS (Asynchronous Scaleout) area related
to various error recovery scenarios, mostly.

A Maven-Central-upload event on Sept. 7 that placed many partial entries
for Eclipse 3.6 artifacts (missing POMs and JARs) ended up breaking
our builds; this was reported to the maven-dev list, and it is being
looked into.  We worked around this issue by adding dependencies to
our already version-locked-down Eclipse artifacts, to lock down the
transitively depended-on Eclipse artifacts.

Community: No changes

Issues: No Board level issues at this time

On 9/3/2010 7:00 PM, Marshall Schor wrote:
>  Hi Everyone,
> The next report to the board is due, around Sept. 12th - about a week from now.
> Please post some items for this; here's a start :-)
> - Internal build tooling using Maven reworked, and released. 
> -- working on simplifying "setup" needed to use build tooling (currently
> requires custom patches)
> - No releases since coming out of incubator; plan to do first non-incubator
> release before the next board report
> - Jira issues continue to be reported and addressed at a moderate rate.
> - No issues requiring board attention
> -Marshall

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