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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: UIMA Addons 2.3.1 RC 2
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:53:20 GMT
I svn "exported" the tag, and diff'ed it to the source-release.

There are a few differences; although they are not required to be the same, it's
simpler if they are (mostly).  This is because otherwise we have to carefully
check and confirm that each thing which isn't the same, is OK.  Here's a list of
the differences I found.

1) The SVN is organized differently for the osgi components - they are
subdirectories in the addons-osgi-runtime folder, but in the source release,
they appear at the top level.  Does the default behavior of the source-assembly
change this nesting to a "flat" structure, or are we overriding the default somehow?

2) The alchemy-annotator is named two different ways:  in the source-release it
is called "alchemy-annotator", but in the SVN export it is called

3) There are several projects in the exported tag which are not in the source
release (I'm guessing because we're not "releasing" these now):

An easy update for this is to manually delete these from the SVN Tag.  (For
another email thread - I think it may make sense to have an "addons" SVN top
node, and "graduate" sandbox things we're releasing, to that).

4) The "Notice" file at the SVN top node is out of date; it should match the
NOTICE file put at the top of the source-release assembly.

Other than these minor issues, the source-release corresponds to the SVN tag. 
Now on to check more things :-)


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