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From Pablo Duboue <pablo.dub...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Distributed UIMA Cluster Computing
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 20:28:25 GMT
Sounds great.

This might be a good opportunity for me to start contributing to UIMA :-)

Sending you my best regards from Montreal,


PS: With a name like that DUCC we should make an add-on called COVER ;-) ;-)

On 10/5/12, Jaroslaw Cwiklik <uimaee@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, UIMA Developers,
> I've been working on an extension (with some other people) to UIMA that I'd
> like to bring into the sandbox,
> if others agree it would be a good addition.  We've been calling it DUCC,
> for
> Distributed UIMA Cluster Computing.  Before going into details, here's a
> high-level description:
> DUCC is a cluster management system providing tooling, management, and
> scheduling facilities to automate the scale-out of applications written to
> the UIMA framework.
> Core UIMA provides a generalized framework for applications that process
> unstructured
> information such as human language, but does not provide a scale-out
> mechanism.  UIMA-AS
> provides a scale-out mechanism to distribute UIMA pipelines over a cluster
> of computing
> resources, but does not provide job or cluster management of the resources.
>  DUCC completes the
> set by providing job support, cluster management, and automation for the
> scale-out of UIMA
> applications over UIMA-AS on large computing clusters.
> We have an initial implementation that has been used by one project;
> we'd like to move this into the UIMA project for further development, and
> to
> make it available to others.
> Do you think this would be a worthwhile addition, and does it make sense to
> bring it (initially) into
> the Sandbox?

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