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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject uimaj-core probably in good shape, testing invited
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 18:06:57 GMT
The trunk's version of uimaj-core is ready (I think) for some wider testing.

There's a temporary "recording" (1 line to System.out) in the CAS
deserialization code (which will be turned off shortly), that notifies when a
deserialization fixed a previously corrupting update - only occurs for "Delta
CAS" deserialization (used by UIMA-AS remote services, when returning a CAS to
its client, and only happens if the remote updated some existing FSs (not a
normal case).

The recent changes: turn on the index corruption FS updates detection, and if
found, automatically does the needed remove - addback around the feature update. 

There's a new global JVM property:  -Duima.report_fs_update_corrupts_index which
if defined will write UIMA log entries (to the UIMA log) every time the code
detects and fixes up a (previously illegal) update to a feature value (used as a
key, while the FS was in some index).

When I turned this on, besides a new test case (which tested this function), I
got errors generated by the core framework around DocumentAnnotation updates. 
So some needed fixes to handle that were also checked in :-)

I'd be interested to hear what people might experience, when running with this
-Duima.report_fs_update_corrupts_index JVM property.


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