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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject what gitbox / github protections and other options to ask for?
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2019 18:53:37 GMT
In looking at some other JIRA tickets for people moving from SVN to git, one
thing they seem to request is various kinds of "options". 

I haven't found a apache doc page that describes these, so I'm not sure what to
ask for, etc.

Here are some I've found:

1) ban force push to some branches (e.g. master and master-v2 branches)

2) setting commits mailing list to be the same as it is now (maybe the default?)

3) fixing pull requests to (a) disable "merge", and enable only "rebase and
merge" or "squash and merge"?

4) setting JIRA integration so that a commit message with a Jira number gets
linked in that Jira

I found this page http://apache.org/dev/svngit2jira.html which says you have to
file an INFRA Jira ticket to set this up.  I thought this was already set up but
I've noticed it doesn't always seem to be working, so perhaps it's a good idea
to request this again?  Or maybe it needs to be requested separately for the new
git repo?

I also found some config for setting some git option for something similar, in
some comments in some JIRA issues.  See
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-12209, where it says: Jira
integration is also possible:

   JIRA ticket cross-posting is enabled when PRs are enabled, and as such,
   any reference to a JIRA ticket will cause the specified ticket to update with
   the github stuff. The default behavior is to add a link to the pull request
   and to create comments on the JIRA with the activity on the PR. This
   behavior can be changed by setting the 'apache.jira' option in the
   repository's settings; 'git config apache.jira OPTION', where OPTION is one
   of 'nofollow', 'linkonly', or 'worklog':
   - nofollow # completely disables updating JIRA
   - linkonly # adds the link to the PR, but does not add comments
   - worklog # adds the link to the PR and updates the JIRA worklog instead of
the comments

These look a bit different?

5) require a Jenkins job to pass before a pull request is pushed to master /

Any opinions on what we should request initially?

I guess I'm planning to ask INFRA for some advice -
  - on what other projects do here
  - is there a doc page somewhere which describes the alternatives, etc.


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