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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject [whimsy.git] [1/1] Merged 80 commit(s) into refs/heads/master
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 20:50:10 GMT
ASF committer rubys (Sam Ruby) merged the following commits into refs/heads/master:

    c797456: delete logic
    366deab: update LDAP hosts
    ba492ca: add support for parsing specific mailboxes
    df47edd: add a link to show raw messages
    d9eb4c9: add overview
    afc1aef: prep for merge
    b229cf8: ensure Gemfile.lock is updated
    05ea10d: add a fetch1 task
    8a50482: rough in a server
    b7deb67: initial version of checkmail button
    db1f067: rough in UI for drag/drop
    bfb37af: hide context menu whenever a click is received outside the menu
    1fc646f: stop fetching months once you've reached the end
    b8a7959: bring in bootstrap
    c92fc6d: cleanup
    053f75f: rough in a body view
    1cc2c3a: recover from bad HTML
    9e68934: rough in a drop action
    9b394ea: use $ syntax for refs
    dddb5be: simple script to parse email and capture headers
    269dabc: switch index to react
    48f6ddf: start to rough in a "check for new mail" button
    f68441e: meta-delete from message page
    b03cd98: request account updates
    01d5a6b: Better recovery
    1478a64: switch index to be totally async
    9b2e2ab: rotate actions
    4b86206: switch to HTTP get for monthly index slices
    973065b: add comments to the parts page
    fd4ea3e: add in stylesheet
    1a4e459: docs
    99c663a: burst support
    2d24574: don't show doctype menu for signatures
    ce8a3b6: refactor
    13f865c: factor our post logic
    a972b7d: add to readme
    5a6e047: refactor HTTP class; add patch
    a808294: remove obsolete file
    e412a5b: Merge remote-tracking branch 'whimsy/master' into secmail
    15e1381: remove extraneous space
    affb73e: asciize file name
    dcc9904: add pkg directory
    58ad13d: file documents with signatures
    0124466: add dependency on latest wunderbar
    519b5a8: switch from wait clock to busy cursor
    83adf03: check signatures
    eb408dd: switch to Promises
    7c7e82f: match signature to selected if there are only two attachments
    b879edc: more refactoring in prep for 'check for new mail'
    ee9f41b: delete attachment support
    ec0715e: precheck userids before submission
    9828fd8: update dependencies
    6199b11: refactor
    ee928b4: one form at a time
    010846a: display inline images
    ff64f3b: map keyboard up to index page
    d104dd6: rough in server side of icla processing
    048d4cb: fix it so that mail with only text parts show up
    255300d: move parts page to React.js
    1c203ec: rough in ICLA form
    2ed2e34: end of month transitions
    d16dc37: rough in context menu support
    d1ee89b: prevent undo events from propagating
    0ac5629: don't croak if text_part is missing too
    348083e: support both backspace and delete
    291b73e: make fetch1 only fetch 1
    1f36969: recover from badly encoded email addrs and generic mime types
    66d21f5: fetch previous month
    82d92d0: drag/drop fixes
    044fbc9: force utf-8
    1adbf5d: rough in keyboard logic
    f1e9abb: retab
    048a8dc: body charset and sanitize fixes
    83a28dc: more progress towards drag/drop
    688b0ef: deleting and undeleting first message
    120e88c: display all parts
    f997a6b: move undoStack and selected to sessionStorage
    e7af871: stricter matching on mbox names
    668ac79: context menu tweaks
    5f38416: undo delete

With regards, 
Apache MATT.

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