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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject [whimsy.git] [1/1] Commit 5c6d954: Update TODOS.md
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 21:16:08 GMT
Commit 5c6d954e51769eb28a37eaad367fd99ebb6b073a:
    Update TODOS.md

Branch: refs/heads/master
Author: Sam Ruby <rubys@intertwingly.net>
Committer: Sam Ruby <rubys@intertwingly.net>
Pusher: rubys <rubys@apache.org>

TODOS.md                                                     |  ---------
9 changes: 0 additions, 9 deletions.

diff --git a/TODOS.md b/TODOS.md
index 3e0de86..e758899 100644
--- a/TODOS.md
+++ b/TODOS.md
@@ -11,15 +11,6 @@ This directory has two main subdirectories...
    on things like credentials for the `whimsysvn` user.  For local testing
    that likely will mean mounting local directories by the VM.
-3. Define a strategy for maintaining dependencies.  Whimsy (as a site) hosts
-   multiple independent applications, each of which may have different
-   requirements.  I'd like to make it so that not every application has to be
-   upgraded at the same time when a new version of a dependency comes out.
-   This likely will involve the use of bundler
-   (https://forge.puppetlabs.com/ploperations/bundler).
 4. Deploy puma (https://forge.puppetlabs.com/deversus/puma), and merge the
    [board agenda](https://github.com/rubys/whimsy-agenda) tool into this
-5. Set up cron jobs.

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