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From curc...@apache.org
Subject [whimsy] branch master updated: Doc updates and improved pointers
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 22:40:36 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

curcuru pushed a commit to branch master
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/whimsy.git

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
       new  d28bff9   Doc updates and improved pointers
d28bff9 is described below

commit d28bff972c9fb5a4ba6d4346969d1d32d625d534
Author: Shane Curcuru <asf@shanecurcuru.org>
AuthorDate: Wed May 24 18:40:32 2017 -0400

    Doc updates and improved pointers
 DEVELOPMENT.md | 21 ++++++++++++++-------
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/DEVELOPMENT.md b/DEVELOPMENT.md
index 10e700c..0a9413c 100644
@@ -12,17 +12,19 @@ Contents :books:
 - [Architecture](#architecture-overview)
 - [Setup Whimsy Locally](#setup-whimsy-locally)
-- [Running Whimsy Applications](#running-whimsy-applications)
+- [Running Whimsy Applications](#running-whimsy-applications-car)
 - [Advanced Configuration](#advanced-configuration)
 - [Server Configuration](DEPLOYMENT.md)
 - [Further Reading](#further-reading)
-- [How To / FAQ](#how-to-faq)
+- [How To / FAQ](#how-to--faq-question)
+- [Running Whimsy on Mac OSX](MACOSX.md)
 - [Running Whimsy on Windows](#whimsy-on-windows)
 Architecture Overview
-The core Whimsy code is split into model/view, with a variety of independent tools.
+The core Whimsy code is split into model/view, plus a variety of 
+tools, some of which use the model, and some completely independent.
 1. [lib/whimsy/asf](lib/whimsy/asf) contains the "model", i.e., a set of classes
    which encapsulate access
@@ -44,10 +46,14 @@ The core Whimsy code is split into model/view, with a variety of independent
    Directories containing Rack applications can be identified by the presence
    of a file with the name of `config.ru`.
-3. [tools](tools) contains miscellaneous and testing tools.
+3. [tools](tools) contains miscellaneous and testing tools, as well as 
+   scripts that may generate intermediate data files.
 4. [config](config) contains some sample configuration data for 
-   installing various services needed.  
+   installing various services needed.
+5. [www/roster/public_*](www/roster) contains a number of scripts run 
+   by cron jobs or manually that create various data files in www/public.
 Setup Whimsy Locally
@@ -169,7 +175,8 @@ Running Whimsy Applications :car:
 If there is a `Gemfile` in the directory containing the script or application
 you wish to run, dependencies needed for execution can be installed using the
 command `bundle install`.  Similarly, if starting from scratch you 
-may need `gem install rake`.
+may need `gem install rake`.  Periodically if underlying gems like 
+wunderbar are updated, you may need `bundle update`.
 1. CGI applications can be run from a command line, and produce output to
    standard out.  If you would prefer to see the output in a browser, you
@@ -264,7 +271,7 @@ you have locally from repository.yml.
 Note also that sometimes you may need to `bundle exec *command*` instead 
 of just doing `bundle *command*`, since using the exec uses a subtly 
-different set of gem versions from the local director.
+different set of gem versions from the local directory.
 Whimsy On Windows

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