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From Sang Park <>
Subject Question about secure xml rpc client
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 01:39:36 GMT
Hi all -

Quick question about the secure xml rpc client and the secure web
server.  I want to disable certificate validation in both versions, but
am finding no way to do this.  I look at the sample code on
and i see that they use a ServerSocketFactory to create a socket and
pass in a TrustManager that accepts all certificates.  In the source
code for the XmlRpcClient, they use the Url class's openConnection()
method which I don't think has the same mechanism.  (Some one please
correct me if i'm wrong).

If someone could post an example of how to do this, I would be very much
indebted to them.

One other note, I've downloaded the source distribution off the download
site, and find that some classes are not included.  One class in
particular is the HttpUtil class in package org.apache.xmlrpc.util.  Any
help here would also be appreciated.  I'm working with the 1.2-b1

Thanks again


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