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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject Re: WebServer Authentication Problem
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 06:49:32 GMT
On 8/17/06, Jimisola Laursen <> wrote:

> I am going to bounce a slightly reversed question back: what's the advantage
> of using the ServletWebServer (other than it being servlet which I can move
> more easily)?
> Are there any functional differences between the plain and the servlet
> version?
> Jochen, are you considering to drop WebServer?

Aside from the API, there are no functional differences. No, I am not
considering to drop the WebServer, but supporting one main API is of
course much better than maintaining a second API. And I believe, we
don't need to discuss that the more generic servlet API is much more
important than the WebServer API, do we? Finally, thanks to the
ServletWebServer, any user of the standalone server has, and will
always have, all possibilities that the XmlRpcServlet offers.


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