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From Robert Seletsky <>
Subject [AXIOM] Migrating Java code from AXIOM 1.2.13 to 1.2.20
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 15:44:04 GMT
I have the following Java method using AXIOM 1.2.13:

private OMElement createSecurityHeader(String username, String password) {
      OMNamespaceImpl wsseNS = new OMNamespaceImpl(WSSE_NS, WSSE_PREFIX);
      OMFactory factory = new SOAP11Factory();
      OMElementImpl securityHeader;
      OMElementImpl usernameTokenElement;
      OMElementImpl usernameElement;
      OMElementImpl passwordElement;

      // create the Security header block
      securityHeader = new OMElementImpl("Security", wsseNS, factory);
      securityHeader.addAttribute("mustUnderstand", "1", null);

      // nest the UsernameToken in the Security header
      usernameTokenElement = new OMElementImpl(USERNAME_TOKEN_LN, wsseNS, securityHeader,

      // nest the Username and Password elements
      usernameElement = new OMElementImpl(USERNAME_LN, wsseNS, usernameTokenElement, factory);

      passwordElement = new OMElementImpl(PASSWORD_LN, wsseNS,usernameTokenElement, factory);
      passwordElement.addAttribute(PASSWORD_TYPE_ATTR, PASSWORD_TEXT, null);

      return securityHeader;

I want to migrate this code to work with AXIOM 1.2.20.

Looking for a solution and what resources are recommended to do this in general?

University of New Mexico IT

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