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From Vincent Hardy <vha...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: antialiasis and fixed sized font
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 17:14:07 GMT

> denis cardon wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> ==Antialiasing
> Batik have a very good antialiasing function and the rendering is
> great on colorful screen.
> However, in the case of a 4 color screen (like palm pilot for
> example), antialiasing decrease dramaticaly the quality of the image
> (after the reduction of color depth have been applied).
> So is there anyway to switch off the antialiasing?

Right now, this would not work well: for the first beta, we struggled
a lot with text metrics and various problems and, to make the story
short, we use antialised text metrics.
However, proper control over the rendering quality (and text antialising
is one of them) is on our radar screen for 1.0.

> ==Fixed sized font
> It may be weird to talk about fixed sized object when we now all the
> advantage of vector format...
> However, on very low resolution screen (like palm pilot for example),
> rendering of scalable font at very small size (let's say a few couples
> of pixels) is not as good as fixed size font.
> So if it could be possible to specify a fixed sized font, it should
> resolve that problem. Does anyone have already try to solve this
> issue?

My understanding is that you are looking for text elements whose
font size would remain constant, independant of the zoom factor.
We do not have that behavior in. However, once we have scripting in,
that behavior could be implemented by catching zoom events and 
modifying font sizes accordingly on the text elements you want.

> Thanks
> Denis

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