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From Mark Jaroszuk <mjaro...@randomwalk.com>
Subject running BridgeTest
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 21:24:35 GMT
Hi there,
 - trying to run  BridgeTest  (in org.apache.batik.test.refimpl.bridge
package) and getting  NullPointerException in


 - guilty line of code is
  CSSStyleDeclaration cssDecl  =
ctx.getViewCSS().getComputedStyle(element, null);
    and more specifically    getViewCSS()   returning  NULL.

Did anyone run into this?    Do  I have to set up something first?
Any ideas!!!

And more general issue:   ..... Importing an SVG file, displaying  and
manipulating  it  thru java code........
Which approach is the best from performance point of view....    Any
experience or thoughts on that???


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