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From "Gerard.Davison" <Gerard.Davi...@oracle.com>
Subject Versions, and timelines.
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 16:54:52 GMT


I am looking at making use of the Batik SVG to provide suitable export
facilities in a up-coming  tool. In order to for me to be able to integrate the
Batik library into the product I am working on I need to pick a specific version
number in order that I can get the go-ahead from our legal department. I would
prefer not to go through this process multiple times.

I have looked at the current website, but I am unable to work out the version
numbers used. For example the product seems to be up to version RC8 which would
suggest to me a product that is very near production. Is this the case?

Or could I happily get working with RC8 as I only need the static generation
features: the SVG Graphics2D driver in particular.

Is there any known issues with Alpha blending for example? I have had terrible
trouble with printing as JDK 1.3 doesn't seem to support printing alpha blended
graphics on any platform. (We have tested Win32, Linux, Solaris)

Well thanks in advance for any information, I have joined the list now so you
can reply to either. Appologise if I am asking for information already
avaliable.... the web site was acting kinda funny today. (Broken links,
corrupted tooltips)


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