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From Niklas Lindström <niklas.lindst...@valtech.se>
Subject RE: W3C DOM Document
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 15:54:18 GMT

thanks for the help! It worked when I used deepCloneDocument. Then I used
setURLObject to have access to external images etc. (actually, it had to be
set; if not, I had a null-pointer exception). Now I'm able to use Batik with
Jython-scripts and XSLT to do batch-generation of images for websites and
more. Wonderful!

/ Niklas

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From: Thierry Kormann [mailto:tkormann@sophia.inria.fr]
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 3:53 PM
To: Batik Users; Niklas Lindström
Subject: Re: W3C DOM Document

On Wednesday 11 April 2001 15:10, Niklas Lindström wrote:

> I'm really in need of some help here. Do I have to convert the DOM
> Document, created by parsing a file with Xerces, into an SVGOMDocument? I
> would like to shuffle DOM-data around in my code to do stuff (extracting
> fragments; applying xslt etc.), and then pass the DOM at hand to Batik for
> generation of an image-file. Is this possible?

Well, that's a solution. We provide a convenient method which clones a DOM 
tree using our SVG DOM implementation. see: the batik.dom.util.DOMUtilities 

Otherwise, I hope you can give a DOMImplementation to xerces and so use our 
own DOM implementation (which supports generic elements, not only SVG 
elements by the way) for your need.


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