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From "Chris Smith" <tinygrasshop...@optushome.com.au>
Subject Transforming coordinate system at runtime
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 07:03:59 GMT

We're currently having a problem displaying some SVG which we have generated on the fly inside
our program, the problem being that we just get an empty window when we try to view the SVG
in a JSVGCanvas. I have attached a samle of our SVG. As you can see, the co-ordinates are
shifted a long way from the origin. At the moment we are trying to change the rendering transform
to shift the graphics back to the origin using:

JSVGCanvas canvas = new JSVGCanvas();
AffineTransform trans = new AffineTransform();
trans.translate(-315000.0, -812000.0);

But this does not seem to be working =(

Can anyone help? Unfortunately, due to some design constraints, we can't use the svg <g
transform="..."> tags which would seem to be the natural solution.



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