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From Christophe Jolif <cjo...@ilog.fr>
Subject Re: Multiplication of Event Handlers (May be related to JSVGCanvas -java.lang.OutOfMemoryError)
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 13:13:53 GMT

In the SVG Browser case, when you reload an SVG file, a new Document
instance is created, in your case, you reuse it that's why the behavior
is correct in the SVG Browser and not in your example. This comes from
the fact that as Batik is still a merely static SVG implementation we
haven't implemented everything needed for a correct behavior in dynamic
context. In that case, the listeners that are put on the DOM by the
Batik bridge to call the SVG scripts are not removed when the document
is unloaded. Thus when reloading it, the listeners are registered twice
and the scripts called twice.
I commited a new version of
sources/org/apache/batik/bridge/BridgeEventSupport.java that should fix
your problem by removing the listeners when unloading a document.
Can you please update you Batik version with that file and let me know
if it solves your problem?

Thanks a lot,
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