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From David Mundie <mun...@anthus.com>
Subject Batik Under OS X 10.1
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2001 22:22:57 GMT
Among the reasons I eagerly awaited OS X 10.1 was the hope that the 
Batik streaking problem under 10.0 would be gone. Sure enough, it is 
fixed - but now I have two even worse problems.

(a) Text doesn't work - characters come out as rectangles and I get gobs 

kCGErrorFailure : CGGStackRestore: gstack underflow.


(b) The images are truncated on the left and the top. It looks like 
about a quarter of the image is missing on those two edges.

Any observations or recommendations? I have placed samples of my 
converted images at




Any help would be appreciated - I've been waiting a long time to get 
batik working under OS X.

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