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From tom poe <tom...@renonevada.net>
Subject Re: More on: Re: HP and their plans for Batik
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:12:35 GMT
On Monday 01 October 2001 08:33, Bill Haneman wrote:
- - -snip- - -
> That doesn't necessrily mean that it's not evil...
> -Bill
> (personal opinion)

Hello:  Well, just for starters.  There is an obvious movement from industry 
to take control of the Internet.  A claim backed up by the spurt of activity 
from ICANN to DMCA to SSSCA and more.  Now, this RF/RAND nonsense sets the 
stage for a patent holder to decide at whatever point to exercise a fee for 
"all", across the board.  Imagine you are now using a "certified, approved, 
registered" device to access the Internet.  Each time there's a 
click-through, to a patented object, or process, your access fee is credited. 
 Soon, you will find, you must restrict your "surfing" to only those sights 
you know won't run up your bill too fast!   That's the imaginary worst case 
scenario with this RF/RAND crap.  If you think I'm being too far-fetched, 
spend some time with the seemingly unrelated legislation that's about to hit 
everyone between the eyes.  Spend some time with the upcoming ICANN fiasco 
planned for November.  Spend some time with sites and mail lists coming out 
of Australia.  And read the wording about "outlawing any and all analog 
manufacturing" that will preclude options for accessing the Internet.  Evil?  
You said it!!!    Unreasonable for a standards group to cowtow to industry's 
whims?   You better believe it.   Just a thought.   Tom

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