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From "Scott Moore" <scott.mo...@netdecide.com>
Subject Batik Speed
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:54:54 GMT
I'm using Batik to generate charts and graphs as either SVG or PNG images.
Currently, I do this by creating a SVG DOM and adding the elements and
attributes to the DOM that describes my graph.  Afterwards, I either
serialize the DOM to produce native SVG or I use the Batik PNG transcoder to
produce a raster image.

All this works great and I really love the power of the library.  My only
real problem is that it's slow.  Like on the order of 1 second per image,
which are pretty simple images (see attached for sample).

Is this speed normal?  Are there ways to enhance the speed?  Is using the
SVG DOM the reason it's so slow?  Should I write the SVG as a string and
then load it to avoid the manual creation of the SVG DOM?  I'm grasping at
straws to try to increase performance (like 10 times faster).

This is running on Windows 2000, 800 mhz machine with 256 megs RAM.  JDK

Thanks for any input,

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