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From Thierry Kormann <tkorm...@ilog.fr>
Subject Re: Batik Speed
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2001 14:18:39 GMT
On Friday 19 October 2001 17:54, Scott Moore wrote:
> I'm using Batik to generate charts and graphs as either SVG or PNG images.
> Currently, I do this by creating a SVG DOM and adding the elements and
> attributes to the DOM that describes my graph.  Afterwards, I either
> serialize the DOM to produce native SVG or I use the Batik PNG transcoder
> to produce a raster image.
> All this works great and I really love the power of the library.  My only
> real problem is that it's slow.  Like on the order of 1 second per image,
> which are pretty simple images (see attached for sample).
> Is this speed normal?  Are there ways to enhance the speed?  Is using the
> SVG DOM the reason it's so slow?  Should I write the SVG as a string and
> then load it to avoid the manual creation of the SVG DOM?  I'm grasping at
> straws to try to increase performance (like 10 times faster).
> This is running on Windows 2000, 800 mhz machine with 256 megs RAM.  JDK
> 1.3.1_01

Have you tried to feed the transcoder with the SVG DOM tree?

ex: new TranscoderInput(svgDocument)

The TranscoderInput class can take a DOM tree, not just a URI or an 
InputStream in parameter.

Hope that helps.

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