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From <James.Ut...@F-Secure.com>
Subject RE: Transcoding without generating DOM tree.
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 11:41:01 GMT
>>>>>> "JU" == James Uther <James.Uther@f-secure.com> writes:
>JU> I'm using batik in a servlet to transcode some jsp-generated SVG
>JU> to PNG if the browser can't handle the SVG. 

>JU> which should speed things up for me. Unfortunately I just can't
>JU> find any documentation on this 'static' flag. Can someone point me
>JU> in the right direction?
>    Well #1 I'm not sure this statement is still accurate and #2 I
>think you read the statement to say what you wanted to hear not what
>it actually says.  What it is trying to say is that in static mode you
>can throw away the DOM tree (or the DOM tree will be GC'ed) after the
>rendering tree (GVT) has been built.  You still need the DOM tree to
>build the GVT tree (it would be difficult to processes all of SVG
>without a DOM tree as there are lots of cross references).  Sorry we
>don't support SAX -> GVT.

sounds fair. thanks.


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