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From David Mundie <mun...@anthus.com>
Subject Status Report - Batik under OS X
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:09:38 GMT
Last night I had another go at it. I downloaded Fop 0.20.2 and Batik 
1.1. I used Adobe Illustrator 9.0 to produce some rectangles and ovals 
[which the stupid, <expletive-deleted/> Illustrator downconverts to 
low-level, generic paths - but that's another story] and some text. I 
wrote a script to massage the exported graphics [scripts to massage 
graphics - ain't SVG fine!] by substituting an SVG font for the system 
font. Then I Fopped an FO file that referenced that SVG file as an 
external graphic.

To my amazement, it worked fine! My only goal in all this is to be able 
to embed SVG in Fop-processed FO files, so I was delighted. In the past 
I had assumed that if the Batik "applications" didn't work, nothing in 
Batik would work, but that's not the case!

And the applications *don't* work. 1.1 is a little better than 1.0, but 
not much. When I open my rectangle, oval, and text (ROT) document in the 
1.1 browser, it only displays about the rightmost quarter of the 
drawing; when I mouse around and zoom in and out I get other pieces of 
it, so it's clear that it's all there underneath, but the display is 
hosed. The converter generated a PNG that had only a fragment of the 
ROT, also.When I opened ROT in the slideshow viewer, it was amazing - 
individual rectangles of it about 2 cm on a side would appear on the 
black background with excruciating slowness (about 15 s per rectangle).

Perhaps I should mention that I did run ttf2svg successfully.

I'm beginning to think that all the problems lie in the UI code.

My intent is to continue embedding SVG within FOP, to see how I make out 
with more complex graphics. In particular, I want to check out 
Schemasoft's MathML-to-SVG converter - I got mail from them yesterday 
saying it now works under OS X. Embedding MathML in FOP - that would be 

  - dam

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