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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject Re: SVG->PNG, background tranparency problem. Help please
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 12:28:15 GMT
>>>>> "c" == classloader  <classloader@hotmail.com> writes:

c> So the difference tells me: if the PNG is 32Bit(ARGB each 8bits)
c> format, IE will have trouble to view its transparent background. if
c> PNG is with poorer depth, IE can treat it correctly.

c> So it's IE's problem. ( I am using IE6. )

c> ==> New Problem, please help:

c> So, my next approach would be trying to use Batik to convert
c> SVG->PNG and specifying output file with 8 bits depth. I can't find
c> the options from the Batik Usage which can do that.  Then I added
c> one line in PNGTranscoder.java: "params.setBitDepth(8);" but the
c> generated file still have not-transparent background.  (I doubt
c> this way to do the modification, but I don't know how to do it.)

c> Could you tell me how to specify the output PNG file's depth? (I
c> have too limited image processing knowledge.)

   As one might imagine going from 32 bits per pixel to 8 bits per
pixel is a complicated thing.  Currently Batik does not do this.  You
may be able to use other command line tools to accomplish this (such
as ImageMagik (sp?)).  If someone wanted to contribute a good
palletizer to Batik I'm sure it would be welcome as many SVG files can
be palletized with little loss of quality if done properly.

c> BTW, I just tried above 2 pages with Netscape 6.2, both works well.

   I suggest you switch browsers :)

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