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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject Optimized repaint
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 12:22:22 GMT
>>>>> "MV" == M van Veen <michiel@microweb.nl> writes:

MV> Does somebody know if it is possible to repaint only the part
MV> which has changed (int the DOMtree) on the SVGCanvas?

    You don't say what version of Batik you are using but from the
question I assume 1.1.1.  If you switch to CVS this should happen
'automagically' for many things.  There are still a number of very
tricky SVG constructs for which this does not work (Patterns for
example).  The 1.5beta1 handles some simple changes but the current
CVS handles a lot more.

MV> After I have changed something in the DOM tree, I call
MV> setDocument( getDocument() ) and it repaints, but it renders the
MV> WHOLE image which is rather slow. When I looked at the code I saw
MV> that it is possible to specify an area of interest to render. But
MV> to do this I have to rewrite a lot of methodes ( for example the
MV> on in JGVTComponent.renderGVTTree() (which will of course change
MV> in the near future) : not a good plan.

MV> So is there away around this, or is this going to be implemented
MV> in the near future? (Maybe it's an idea when a change is made in
MV> de DOMtree to get the GraphicsNode of the element and ask its
MV> transformedbounds, and only repaint this part in the canvas, after
MV> building the gvttree (or a part) again?)

    We do these sorts of optimizations in the 1.5 branch of things.

MV> Kind regards, and keep up the good work!

    Thanks, I hope you find the CVS Batik more useful for your work.

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